Rai Foundation

Vision Objectives
Rai Foundation induces catalysts of change in public domain by engaging with various social and educational initiatives for social uplift. It aims to open the doors to India's future as a developed nation by using the keys of Educating, Enriching, Empowering, and Enlightening.

  • To provide equal opportunities for education to all, and ensuring students' willingness to learn and achieve is given priority over their (in) capacity to pay and prior academic record.
  • To work towards creating a regenerated society that fights for its causes and understands its roots.
  • To provide skill based and job oriented education to the youth.
  • To focus on equity and access to all those wanting a better life.
  • To take up issues of training and upliftment in areas of women empowerment and mainstreaming.
  • To focus on key burning issues that affect public life and interest including advocacy.
  • To cultivate an informed and updated milieu that is able to think, act, and feel responsibly by disseminating information through various media to reach out to a larger audience.
  • To facilitate availability of medical facilities by providing financial and infrastructural support to those who lack resources.
  • To involve opinion leaders from all walks of life to build pubic opinion for reforms in education.
  • To focus on the enrichment and upliftment of the tribal communities across India.
  • Inclusion of disadvantaged minorities into the mainstream of India’s economic, social, and political processes.


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